Steps to Receive Financial Aid

1. Register
Contact our admissions department to register. You are registered when you:

  • Have completed an admissions application,
  • Provide proof of high school graduation or G.E.D.,
  • Paid $100 registration fee.

2. Complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
You can apply online at You (and your parent if dependent) will need to create an FSA ID to electronically sign your FAFSA. You can create an FSA ID by logging on to Be sure to enter MUD's school code: 040924 for our Burbank location or E01739 for our New York location.

Tip: Use the IRS Data Retrieval System when completing your FAFSA to decrease the chance of getting selected for verification which can delay the financial aid process.

3. FAFSA Eligibility
Once we have received a completed FAFSA application, we will contact you with either your financial aid eligibility or with a request for additional documents needed to resolve issues with your FAFSA.

If you are an independent student, your FAFSA aid will not cover all of your school charges. See below for additional options.

If you are a dependent student, your parent has the option to borrow a Parent PLUS Loan to help fund your cost of attendance. Your parent will need to complete a PLUS Credit Check form and pass a credit check processed through Department of Education. If your parent is declined the PLUS Loan due to adverse credit, your parent may have the option to secure a creditworthy endorser to secure the PLUS Loan. Otherwise, your Unsubsidized Stafford Loan can be increased to that of an independent student.

If you wish to pay your remaining balance in cash (credit card, debit card or check), we will provide you with an Agreement of Financial Responsibility letter. You, and the party responsible for payment, will need to complete the agreement and return it to the Financial Aid Office. For private loan options, please refer to our Preferred Lender List for Private Student Loans.

4. Confirmation of Funding
Once we have confirmed your funding, such as having a completed Financial Responsibility Letter, proof of an approved private loan or your parent has received an approval for (and accepted) the PLUS Loan, we will notify Admissions that your funding is secure and to reserve your seat in your preferred class start date. If your preferred class start is not available, admissions will work with you to get you into the next available class start.

Note: Seats are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis and fill up fast. You are expected to stay in contact with your admissions representative on a regular basis.

5. Follow Up On Additional Information Requests
Steps 1-4 will get your seat reserved in class. After that, additional forms and documents may be needed to secure your loans. You will receive a Financial Aid Award Letter and Payment Schedule with instructions to complete the items below (as applicable):

Stafford Loan Borrowers

PLUS Loan Borrowers

PLUS Loan Endorsers